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Operator Guidance Systems

Acoustic emission analysis of the next generation

optimized process intervention


data stream

adaptive ANN

time saving

manual evaluation

training database

material saving

expert evaluation

money saving

static modells

automatic evaluation

In many cases, continuous acquisition of measurement data is already taking place in industrial plants. Leverage your expert knowledge about your process through artificial intelligence to further optimize your process with the help of sensor, machine and plant data.


The evaluation of data by means of machine learning often requires a high level of training data, which is rarely available. With the help of adaptive neural networks and statistical data models, correlations can nevertheless be identified and the process continuously optimized.


With the help of our Operator-Guidance-System, the operator of the plant is provided with a comfortable user interface for the evaluation of the accruing data. Through continuous comparison with the knowledge of your experts, the system adapts to your needs and continuously improves its proposed solutions.